What To Look For In A Shower Head

The shower head in your shower is the main device for not only making your shower functional, but it should be efficient and enjoyable too. Without the shower head you have no shower. Many homes have a basic or a lower grade shower head installed in the showers. These typically don’t offer any special features that help create that awesome shower experience, rejuvenate your mind and body or even help you save money on your water bill each month.

Shopping for the perfect shower head requires you to put some thought into several issues. Before you rush into buying a new shower head, only to get it home and find out it’s totally wrong for you or your shower, here are some tips on what to look for in a shower head, you can find out more.

Primary purposes of a shower head

First, consider the multiple purposes of a shower head. The best shower heads should fulfill the following purposes and knowing what they are before you buy will help ensure you’re buying the perfect one.

• Delivers a strong and adequate stream of water

Lack of full coverage of water during a shower can be frustrating.

You turn and maneuver yourself under the stream of water to get rinsed or spend most of your shower trying to stay warm under a partial or trickling stream of water. Be sure your shower head gives you a strong, full stream of water.

• Water use reduction

Everyone is becoming energy conscientious. Saving on water usage, especially in big families, is important. Older 5-gpm shower heads use a lot of water. You can save on your energy bill by installing a 2.5-gpm shower head, or for those who want even more savings, many 1.5-gpm shower heads will give you a high powered stream while reducing water consumption.

• Water stays hot

Your shower head should keep your hot water hot while it hits your skin. The best shower heads for this are those made using proprietary technology. They increase pressure without causing the water to cool as it sprays out while older models using aeration cause the water to cool too quickly due to the increase in pressure it produces.

• Easy to manage

Your shower head should be easy to install, adjust during use and maintain, such as clean and fix.

It should be well constructed and durable so that it lasts many years.

Personal preferences

Personal preferences mean choosing features that suit your personal needs and wants. Before you shop you may want to think about your options and your needs to see which features will be important to you. Some of the most common features people like to choose from include:

• Handheld model

A handheld shower head is more flexible in its ability to accommodate different needs. It gives you more options for showering. You can hold it and aim it wherever you need, including using it to help you clean your shower. They are also very useful for those who like to wash their pet in the shower or those who may need to sit on a shower chair when showering. Handheld shower heads give you more control.

• Spray pattern

Shower heads come in an array of models that offer different spray patterns from a wide spray like a heavy rain shower to a strong, invigorating spray for sore muscles, or a trickling pattern for a gentle or misty shower. You can also get an adjustable head so you can get any type of spray at the turn of the shower head.

• Height

Depending on how tall you are, you'll need to get a shower head that fits your shower and height. If you are tall, you obviously don't want a low hanging shower head that requires you to duck to get wet. Measure your shower height where the shower head will hang and see what height will fit you best before you buy. Extension arms are also available for those harder to reach shower heads, such as you'd find in a shower with high ceilings.

No matter what you're looking for, there is a shower head that will match your needs and desires. The more you know about shower heads before you purchase one, the better the chances of you finding the perfect match so that the next shower you take, will be the shower you've been waiting for.

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