Work at the Interdevelopmental Institute is evidence-based throughout, deriving from adult-developmental research since 1975. Specifically, we practice informed by the synthesis of developmental insights accomplished in Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF).

To increase our work’s critical realism, since 2020 we have embedded it in R. Bhaskar’s and M. Archer’s Social Ontology, thereby interpreting CDF as a theory of human agency operating in four dimensions: social-emotional, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual. We stay open to new developments in social science and philosophy.

Our work largely consists of mentoring professionals of all colors through supervised practice. The work is multi-disciplinary and has a broad agenda: (1) The Practice of Dialectical Thinking, (2) Evidence-Based Developmental Coaching, (3) Cognitive Team Facilitation (aiming for dynamic collaboration), and (4) Case Study Guidance.

Each of these practices is offered at a beginner’s and advanced level, in workshops comprising up to 10 participants forming a cohort, and working as a team over 30 hours in the form of 20 Zoom sessions. Other arrangements are possible.

We work in organizations and institutions internationally.

Instruction is given internationally, in English, throughout the year. Workshops in German are an option. Feedback can be given in English, German, Dutch, and French. Instruction is graduate and presupposes the self-study of ‘Gateway’, a pdf collection of free teaching materials accrued since 2000.

Summary of IDM Teaching

Services Mentorship and Practice of Dialectical Thinking Mentorship and Practice of Developmental Thinking in Coaching
Mentorship and Practice of Cognitive Team Facilitation Social-Emotional and Cognitive Case Study Guidance
Capability Level Introductory Practicum followed by advanced Lab

Post-graduate Studios and Salons

Activities Exercised in cohort sessions: identifying, using, and reflecting on, dialectical thought forms; awareness of internal dialogue; critical concept analysis; critical project analysis; understanding social-emotional oscillations; critical cognitive and developmental listening;  interviewing practice; interview transcript analysis; team dialogue analysis and feedback; dialectical text and image analysis; interview scoring; expert feedback to interviewees of case studies.

By instructor, within established cohorts: modeling of cognitive and social-emotional interviewing and intervention; interviewing  supervision; dialectical and developmental scoring supervision; feedback on project presentation seen as self presentation; case study supervision with feedback to interviewer and his/her interviewee; introduction to social ontology foundations of developmental process consultation.


Certification Levels Step 1: Self Study (Gateway)

Step 2: Practitioner

Step 3: Master

Step 1: Self Study (Gateway)

Step 2: Practitioner

Step 3: Master

Step 1: Self Study (Gateway)

Step 2: Practitioner

Step 3: Master

Step 1: Self Study (Gateway)

Step 2: Practitioner

Step 3: Master

Cost Self Study: US$50.00

Instruction: less then US$5,000; depending on number of participants

Complimentary 1-hr Zoom Information Session available

Summary of the IDM Practice of Developmental Coaching

IDM is internationally known for its evidence-based Developmental Coaching, with a specialty in Cognitive-Dialectical Coaching based on DTF, the Dialectical Thought Form Framework. Our coaches move expertly between behavioral and developmental coaching and seamlessly integrate these.

Two Kinds of Developmental Coaching Procedure Cost
Project-focused coaching without prior assessment Coaching contracts for either ten 30-minute or ten 50-minute sessions Ten 30-minute sessions: US$1,300

Ten 50-minute sessions: US$2,175

Personal coaching based on evidence from a social-emotional, psychological, and cognitive assessment Developmental assessment and coaching are contracted for separately Assessment [2 interviews and a questionnaire]: US$1,800

Ten 50-minute coaching sessions: US$2,500

Key Papers on IDM Developmental Coaching

Laske, Mentoring_a_Behavioral Coach

Laske, Unity-of-Perspectives

Laske, Contributions of Evidence Based Coaching

Laske, Finding-the-Coachee



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