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Integral publishers just released Otto Laske's new book
An introduction to deep thinking aimed at practitioners

IDM enables people and their organisations to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

The Otto Laske Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) is the world renowned teaching and research center for adult development based on the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF).

Our vision focuses on the realization of adults' developmental resources for delivering work which have been researched in depth since 1975.
Our mission is to help organizations achieve a sustainable future by focusing on culture transformations brought about by using tools deriving from adult-developmental research.

Our teachings help executive coaches assist senior managers in strengthening their holistic and systemic thinking, by focusing on the structure, not primarily the content, of their thinking and the way they make meaning of their work and life experiences.

Our consultancy helps senior executives bring about interventions that transform their organizational culture, by broadening their thinking bandwidth, growing the maturity of their teams, and helping them manage their key decision making processes with greater self awareness.

Our human resources services offer HR professionals a key to redesigning talent management and leadership development processes, based on insights we draw from adult-developmental research since 1975.

The people behind IDM are a group of thinkers: consultants, coaches, researchers, and teachers dedicated to advancing personal and organizational growth.

Our central methodology, the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF), is both a deep theory of human work and experience, and a practical set of tools for understanding and advancing human capability in three dimensions:

  • Emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Complexity and fluidity of thinking beyond formal logic
  • Patterns of behavior obstructing adult development and cultural openess

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