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Section A (free of charge): a downloadable collection of Laske’s research and teaching materials since 2000, assembled in six “Social Science” blogs at https://interdevelopmentals.org/?page_id=4831:


Section B (Purchases 1 and 2)
Section B1

  • English: a set of moderately priced self-study materials referred to as GATEWAY TO THE CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENTAL FRAMEWORK, available separately and bundled, found in ‘Buy Now’ box #1.
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  • German and Spanish: a set of moderately priced self-study materials called GATEWAY TO THE CONSTRUCTIVE DEVELOPMENTAL FRAMEWORK, available separately and bundled, found in ‘Buy Now’ box #2.
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  • GATEWAY materials in German and Spanish (mailed within 48 hours)
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Section C
  • Two books on MEASURING HIDDEN DIMENSIONS (2005 and 2008), with their translations, in pdf form; presently out of print
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Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer

Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer

Paperback 45.04

Kindle Edition 9.99

This first book on complexity thinking for integral leaders will come in handy at a time of great turmoil in the global economy, reflected in organizational attempts at agile thinking, lean start ups, and forestalling the risk of defeat by disruptive business models. The author criticizes pervasive reliance on formal logical thinking (not only in integral thinking), showing how via systems thinking a path can be cleared toward transformational thinking based on Bhaskar’s Dialectical Critical Realism.

In particular, the book focuses on agile teams and circles, pointing to both the risks and opportunities of fading managerial hierarchies. It introduces processes scaffolding organizational learning and collaborative intelligence both in traditional and agile/lean organizations. In order to teach the rudiments of dialectical thinking, the book provides exercises for boosting dialog practices in agile teams.

By introducing the four moments of dialectic and their associated thought forms, the book suggests avenues toward transforming organizational and institutional cultures through dialog that surpasses the flatland of logical and systems thinking.


Measuring Hidden Dimensions: The Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults

Measuring Hidden Dimensions: The Art and Science of Fully Engaging Adults (2005; 2nd edition 2010; 3rd edition 2017; German, French, Japanese, and Spanish translations available)

Paperback (English) $30

Paperback (German) $59.75

Paperback (French) $266.25

A textbook on how, over their lifespan, adults develop in their meaning-making, based on empirical research since 1975, — a refinement and deepening of R. Kegan’s work providing an alternative to S. Cook-Greuter’s perspective. The book is a handbook for understanding cross-developmental teams. It is the first to spell out deliberately developmental processes in detail. It is addressed to leadership developers, individual and team coaches, team leaders and management consultants looking for scaffolding delivery of work in organizations. The author teaches and schools  listening and thinking oriented to discerning stages of meaning-making by way of evaluating transcripts of recorded interviews in organizations. He shows how developmental listening potentially transforms all of a learner’s communications, making him/her agile and critical. For establishing DDOs, knowing and practicing what this volume teaches is indispensable.

The most current (3rd) edition of this text is available as a PDF. Please order at the top of this page.


Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems

Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems: Foundations of Requisite Organization (MHD2 2009; 2nd ed. 2017)

Paperback (English) $92.45

This book is a handbook for learning agile thinking, written for CEOs, Board Members, process consultants, managers, and leaders. It is the first book adapting complex, dialectical thinking to day-to-day organizational practices and human capital design. The book pioneers a large number of concepts indispensable for establishing and maintaining agile organizations and deliberately developmental organizations without getting lost in social-emotional meaning making, as is common practice today in system constellation and effectuation work.

Specifically, the book introduces cutting-edge tools for assessing one’s own and others’ internal workplace in terms of level of complexity and absences not considered. The book introduces tools for boosting individuals’ and teams’ Inquiring System(s) in order to promote agile thinking, thereby updating E. Jaques’ cognitive theory of work and adapting it to agile values, principles, and practices.

A discussion of how organizations’ Capability Architecture relates to their Accountability Architecture is a highlight of the book. The discussion equally applies to hierarchically structured organizations and those characterized by agile design thinking.

A short introduction to this book is Otto Laske’s 2015 publication entitled “Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer”, published by Integral Publishers, Tucson, AZ, US. While stopping short of providing a teaching program for dialectal thinking (now in the works), the book provides many exercises for self-schooling in agile thinking. It takes a first step toward a CDF-based leadership program presently in the works at IDM.

The most current version of this text is available as a PDF, in two separate forms: the text proper (MHD2, 2nd ed.) and a stand-alone version of the Manual of Dialectical Thought Forms, newly introduced by the author (DTFM, 2nd ed.). Please order at the top of the page.

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