The Vurdelja-Laske Dialectical Thought Form Workbook

There is presently a dearth of study materials for absorbing a new form of complex thinking called ‘dialectical’ or ‘transformational’ thinking. In order to change this state of affairs, IDM, the Interdevelopmental Institute, has just released a short workbook that introduces readers to DTF, Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework . Following an overview, the workbook describes each of the 28 thought forms (TFs) of DTF and elucidates how to use them, both for oneself and in teams, based on Probing Questions applicable to work in the most divergent domains.

To obtain the Workbook, go to IDM Publications, , and search the short list above the “Buy Now” button leading to PayPal. All of the publications in the list are updated editions of Laske’s writings in pdf form, including translations into German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. They will be emailed to the purchaser by IDM upon payment within 48 hours.

Two further, more comprehensive, publications on boosting the complexity of one’s thinking by paying attention to the dialectical thought form structure of one’s dialogue with self and others are also available in the list:

  1. The stand-alone Manual of Dialectical Thought Forms, DTFM
  2. The paperback entitled “Dialectical thinking for integral leaders: A primer”, published by Integral Publisher, and found on Amazon.

Increasingly, DTF attracts workers in Artificial Intelligence, especially those working in the area of simulating human discourse, particularly dialogue. This development is promising for eventually building what Laske has called “dialogically savvy apps”.

In order to better understand the relevance of complex thinking in our confused world, go to , a collection of papers by Otto Laske about the topic.

Author: Otto Laske

I am the founder and director of IDM, the Interdevelopmental Institute. My background is in philosophy, psychology, consulting, and coaching based on developmental theory to which I have mightily contributed myself. See the blogs at

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