A Meeting of Minds Workshop on the Future of Work

The future of work is not a topic for logical thinking as much as it is one for revamping logical into complex, ‘dialectical’, thinking. The difference between the two is explained and exercised in a workshop in Brussels whose program can be downloaded here.

If interested in this workshop, held on January 18, 2019, near Brussels, write to [email protected], my co-author of a book on collaborative intelligence of teams entitled “Dynamic Collaboration” (2018). In the downloadable attachment, the program is commented upon from a dialectical-thinking point of view by Otto Laske.

Program Jan 18 2019 Brussels

Author: Otto Laske

I am the founder and director of IDM, the Interdevelopmental Institute. My background is in philosophy, psychology, consulting, and coaching based on developmental theory to which I have mightily contributed myself. See the blogs at www.interdevelopmentals.org.