Beyond Systems Thinking: How to Create Collaborative Intelligence

You are invited to join a webinar held on
16 November 2015 18:00 – 19:00 GMT

The Speaker is Jan De Visch, a graduate of the Interdevelopmental Institute and the Managing Director of Connect and Transform, also Executive Professor Human Capital Enterpreneurial MBA, Flanders Business School (at the Catholic Univertisty of Leuven)

The potential of circular economy projects remains unlocked in many organisations. Although many organisations have started interdisciplinary collaborations, their networks’ capacities remain under-utilised. This is not due to lack of ‘intelligence’ of people and neither their communication skills or ability to use systems methodologies. So there are other barriers to achieve emerging collaboration and more integrative decision making for circular economy or other complex projects. This session will investigate these.

Beyond Systems Thinking articulates how you can start pondering about how to think versus what to think. By focusing on classes of thought forms it becomes clear that different levels of systemic thinking exist. They can be characterized by differences in fluidity of thinking. The diversity in fluidity of thinking in teams determines whether or not they will succeed in rethinking their perspectives and come to a more holistic decision making, addressing systemic, circular economy challenges in a transformational way. Using circular economy case examples it will be shown how rethinking thinking can help in making sure teams develop the required collaborative intelligence to make a difference.

The approach is based on the Dialectical Thinking Framework as developed by Otto Laske at IDM, Gloucester, MA, USA, the Interdevelopmental Insntitute. This is a methodology to help individuals develop their mind-structures in order to improve their level of systems thinking and to create upwardly divided teams that can really make a difference.

Jan De Visch has more than 25 years of experience in managing complex change processes. As Managing Director of Connect & Transform he has designed and implemented business model innovation, and created breakthrough on the bridge between organization design, superior human capital processes and sustainable competitive advantage. His research focuses on developing collaborative intelligence, especially with regard to managing complexity and the alignment of accountability design, performance management and leadership development. He works with companies as diverse as early-stage startups, to non-profit organizations, to large multinational corporations. He is author of The Vertical Dimension (2010) and Leadership: Mind(s) Creating Value(s) (2014).

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Author: Otto Laske

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