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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

The Day After — From Connection Crisis to Collaborative Intelligence

Consultants who have absorbed the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) are used to developing a big picture view of society, addressing in their thinking issues of societal importance. One of these professionals is my colleague Jan De Visch who has worked with CDF for more than a decade. Jan’s focus has recently been what he chose...

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Thought Form Constellations as Measures of Team Connectivity

In this article, the author proposes structural, rather than behavioral or emotional, measures of team connectivity and introduces the notion of “cognitive” or “structural” systems constellations. These measures are derived from DTF, his Dialectical Thought Framework, a methodology rooted in cognitive developmental research since 1975. In contrast to the contemporary team literature, and in a...

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Beyond Systems Thinking: How to Create Collaborative Intelligence

You are invited to join a webinar held on 16 November 2015 18:00 – 19:00 GMT The Speaker is Jan De Visch, a graduate of the Interdevelopmental Institute and the Managing Director of Connect and Transform, also Executive Professor Human Capital Enterpreneurial MBA, Flanders Business School (at the Catholic Univertisty of Leuven) DESCRIPTION OF THE...

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Invitation for the workshop “Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence”

Dear IDM Friend, May I invite you to attend the International Workshop on Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence  in Mechelen (Belgium) from June 17th – June 19th . The way we work is changing. So is the nature of teamwork at all levels in the organization changing. The age of ‘command & control’ in...

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How to develop collaborative intelligence?

One of the new IDM initiatives is a ‘Rewiring Team Dynamics’ workshop which will be organized as a three day seminar in April 2015, near Brussels/Belgium. The key question is: How can we create groups that can learn from mistakes faster, more efficiently, and more consistently than competitors do?’ The background of this question is...

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Review of De Visch’s “Mind(s) Creating Value”

J. De Visch’s Leadership– Mind(s) Creating Value J. De Visch’s Leadership– Mind(s) Creating Value Jan DeVisch continues to plow the depth of dialectical thinking to restructure and refine corporate conversations. This writer is excellently prepared for the task, since his professional career has long been focused on issues of global concern both for and regarding...

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