Case Study I (a): Practicum in Social-Emotional Thinking and Listening

This course is focused on a single-client case study. It leads participants from merely talking about levels of meaning making to interactively determining them through semi-structured interview with a chosen client, and to documenting the client’s present meaning making based on 15 structurally relevant interview fragments. The program offers students the opportunity to show themselves and others that they have not only mastered “developmental theory”, but also know how to use it in practice.

For the student, writing a case study involves:

  • Completing a 1-hr semi-structured social-emotional interview
  • Transcribing the interview(s) into English for discussion in the study cohort
  • Selecting 15 structurally relevant fragments of the interview conducted
  • Evaluating a Need/Press Questionnaire (guided by the instructor)
  • Based on fragments of the social-emotional interview, presenting in class a coding sheet showing how the interview fragments are to be evaluated, for discussion in the study cohort
  • At the end of the course, gathering and submitting all pertinent materials making up the case study to the Director of Education for personal feedback on scoring and focusing of client feedback.

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