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A New Chapter for Work with the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF)

In recent months, Otto Laske’s work on human development has become more widely known on account of  CAD, the Center for Applied Dialectic directed by Bernhard Possert. In addition, Dr Iva Vurdelja has worked with film maker Mark Stanic on the film “Forging a Life”, a documentary now available for distribution (http://vimeo.com/884507807; Password: Otto). The...

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Re-Print of the German Translation of Volume 1 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’

Volume 1 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’, on social-emotional development, first appeared in 2005 under the ‘IDM Press’ imprint. Its German translation was recently re-issued by Wolfgang Pabst Science Publisher, Germany, under the title of ‘Humanpotenziale wecken, erkennen, und messen’. The translation into German is by Rainer v. Leoprechting who was one of the first to...

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CDF: The Latest Reworking of the Adult Developmental Literature of the Harvard Kohlberg School

As time elapses, research findings get updated, consolidated, and what was originally left out or stayed unseen is clarified. An example of this historical process is CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework created by Otto Laske between 1999 and 2000. 25 years after Kohlberg School research began, CDF brought together what this research separated or left...

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Laske Social Science Archive, Section IV: Writings (2010-2017) on CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework

The Laske Social Science Archive gathers Otto Laske’s writings on organizations written between 1999 and 2019, many of which have retained their value vis a vis new fashions of management thinking. Its sections are numbered chronologically. The Archive makes available both texts and slides, the latter for pedagogical purposes. The articles gathered are bundled according...

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Announcement of the ‘Otto Laske Archive of Social Science’, Parts 1 and 2

Over the next month, due to increasing demand, Otto Laske will make available a large number of his unpublished social-science papers on this site. The majority of papers is unpublished, but some important papers published more than 10 years ago will also be made available. Only very few papers are incomplete. The Archive is divided...

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A Social-Emotional Team Typology for Self-Organizing Organizations

Teams are increasingly in focus as carriers of corporate culture. Collaboration and self-organization have become key- and buzzwords. New notions of what makes an organization ‘humane’ relative to A.I. and other kinds of ‘business software’ are emerging, but, alas, without an understanding of levels of adult development, thus without the possibility to differentiate in pragmatic...

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