Laske Social Science Archive, Section III: Teaching Slides (2005-2016) on Developmental and Cognitive Coaching

The Laske Social Science Archive gathers Otto Laske’s writings on organizations written between 1999 and 2019, many of which have retained their value vis a vis new fashions of management thinking. Its sections are numbered chronologically. The Archive makes available both texts and slides, the latter for pedagogical purposes. The articles gathered are bundled according to topic. They can be downloaded free of charge.

Archive III gathers teaching slides, most of them focused on developmental coaching in the sense of CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework.

For the most part, the slides should speak for themselves. They are copyrighted and should be used accordingly.

2005a HR Interpreter Course

2005b Intro Dev. Process Consultation

2006a Insights-into-Coaching

2006b London Insights into Coaching

2006c Post-Bureaucratic Management

2006d The Right Coach at the Right Place

2007a Brussels Coach Meeting Feb. 07

2007b Building Out Human Sigma

2007c HR Innovation with CDF

2008a Invitation to Cognitive Consulting

2008b Invitation-to-Cognitive Process Consultation

2008c Insights into Coaching

2009a Lisbon Keynote O. Laske

2009b Nad Philip’s seminar introduction to CDF (French)

2009c Stuart-Vurdelja Prague presentation

2015 ICC-IDM Webinar

2016 ICC-ICM Social Emotional Course

2016 ICC-IDM Cognitive Course

This paper begins a long series of workshops on dialectical thinking a la DTF

2009d Transformational-Thinking-in-Business

Author: Otto Laske

I am the founder and director of IDM, the Interdevelopmental Institute. My background is in philosophy, psychology, consulting, and coaching based on developmental theory to which I have mightily contributed myself. See the blogs at