Twenty Years IDM: Tribute to Otto Laske

On September 17, 2020, 110 professionals from 35 countries met to pay tribute to the power of developmental and dialectical thinking as taught at the Interdevelopmental Institute by Otto Laske. 15 practitioners of international provenance spoke about how the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF), established by Otto Laske in 1998-1999, has been instrumental in their professional work as consultants, managers, and coaches, and has in addition influenced their adult-developmental journey. Gathered through efforts by Jan De Visch, a Master Developmental Consultant and Coach who graduated from IDM in 2010, the speakers demonstrated that CDF has emerged as a powerful tool for aiding companies on their way to fully distributed leadership and to reaching a requisite level of agility and dynamic collaboration. The application of CDF to psychiatry and theological leadership education was also a topic.

Otto Laske would like to acknowledge how inspirational it was for him to witness that and how CDF “lives” in its practitioners’ daily work. He is honored by their tribute, which in his view is also a tribute to initiatives aiming to expand the narrow limits of present-day adult development research and consulting into the broader realm of real-time dialogue and dialectical thinking, on the path paved by Roy Bhaskar and his Frankfurt School predecessors. More generally, these are initiatives transcending the ‘object relations’ and ‘self-psychology’ limits of the Kohlberg School at Harvard which are due to its blindness vis-a-vis the interpenetration of social-emotional meaning making and cognitive sense making.

The YouTube link to the recording of the 1 1/2 hr Zoom meeting is as follows:

The topics chosen by each of the 15 speakers — all graduates of IDM — is found in the pdf below.

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Closing Words by Otto Laske

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