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A Description of IDM’s Program For Acquiring Fluency in Using CDF Tools

The IDM program that leads to fluency in the use of CDF tools, now 20 years old, has unusual features that set them apart from other professional offerings. Among these features are: (1) professional learning closely linked to personal self-development, (2) comprehensive introduction into developmental and dialectical thinking, (3) exercises set in social contexts that...

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Twenty Years IDM: Tribute to Otto Laske

On September 17, 2020, 110 professionals from 35 countries met to pay tribute to the power of developmental and dialectical thinking as taught at the Interdevelopmental Institute by Otto Laske. 15 practitioners of international provenance spoke about how the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF), established by Otto Laske in 1998-1999, has been instrumental in their professional...

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Cognitive Coaching as a Tool for Building Enabling Environments in Distributed-Leadership Organizations: An Introduction to the Dialectical Thought Form Framework (DTF)

In the set of slides attached to this blog, the reader finds my presentation on cognitive coaching of January 2019, presented to a London consulting firm, MDV. The purpose of my workshop was to teach consultants a new form of developmental assessment and, based on it, of developmental thinking that is increasingly in demand in...

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Fuehrungsvorteile aufgrund der Benutzung von CDF, des Constructive Developmental Framework

Obwohl das Programm des diesjaehrigen Wiener Leadership Kongresses () keine Einfuehrung in CDF — das Constructive Developmental Framework –umfasst, werden viele Kongressteilnehmer die sich aus der Benutzung von CDF ergebenden Fuehrungsvorteile wahrscheinlich kennenlernen wollen. CDF ist eine von Otto Laske erstellte Synthese von Forschungsbefunden der Harvardschule hinsichtlich Erwachsenenentwicklung seit 1975, die Dimensionen des kritischen Denkens...

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Updated Editions of Laske’s Research on Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems

Effective immediately, Laske’s research on developmental and dialectical thinking, found in two titles of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’ called “volume 1” and “volume 2”, is available in updated pdf form at . These titles can be purchased via Paypal, upon which they will be sent out by the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) within 48 hrs. of receiving...

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A Greatly Delayed Departure: Notions of Competence Are Finally Fading since They Are Seen as Pernicious in a Distributed-Leadership Environment

It is almost 20 years ago that, following Argyris’ research on theory-in-use vs. espoused theory, I began to show that both of these personal ‘theories’ are rooted in adult development over the life span. I began to take these personal ideologies apart into their social-emotional and cognitive dimensions and showed that they are intrinsically related....

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