A Problem-Driven Mentoring and Teaching Program for Learning Complexity Thinking

This blog introduces the new IDM Program for learning complexity thinking based on critical problems brought forward by the client. Client-proposed problems serve as a procedural and behavioral guideline for a 5-step acquisition of cutting-edge solution approaches that have been tested in previous IDM teaching and are grounded in Roy Bhaskar’s work on dialectic (1993). In contrast to earlier IDM offerings, the present one progresses in clear steps from module to module to facilitate learner progress.

Emphasis in the course is put on “doing” over passive listening. Lecturing is kept to a minimum. A progressive sequence of mandatory “meta-thinking” exercises is in place.

The program comprises 5 steps taking 9 months to 1 year to complete, depending on the learner’s present level of cognitive development and mental habits. It concludes with three successively higher-level certifications in complexity thinking for use in life and work.

Course materials are module-specific and are enriched by IDM publications on sale at www.interdevelopmentals.org under Publications, or taken from recent blogs by Otto Laske.

A discount applies to registering for 4 of the 5 modules upfront, after writing to [email protected] to discuss the learner’s agenda.

In coming months, the program will move from its present test-phase in one-on-mentoring to a group- and team-offering.

Inquiries are welcome. Skype calls are invited and will be used to discuss client needs and preferences.

A mentoring program for learning complexity thinking