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Laske Social Science Archive, Section I: Writings (2000-2003) on Requisite Organization and HR ‘Meta-Enablers’

The Laske Social Science Archive gathers Otto Laske’s writings on organizations written between 1999 and 2019, many of which have retained their value vis a vis new fashions of management thinking. Its sections are numbered chronologically. The Archive makes available both texts and slides, the latter for pedagogical purposes. The articles gathered are bundled according...

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Updated Editions of Laske’s Research on Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems

Effective immediately, Laske’s research on developmental and dialectical thinking, found in two titles of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’ called “volume 1” and “volume 2”, is available in updated pdf form at . These titles can be purchased via Paypal, upon which they will be sent out by the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) within 48 hrs. of receiving...

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A Problem-Driven Mentoring and Teaching Program for Learning Complexity Thinking

This blog introduces the new IDM Program for learning complexity thinking based on critical problems brought forward by the client. Client-proposed problems serve as a procedural and behavioral guideline for a 5-step acquisition of cutting-edge solution approaches that have been tested in previous IDM teaching and are grounded in Roy Bhaskar’s work on dialectic (1993)....

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Effective Team Coaching: Juggling Personalities and Roles

Teams are usually viewed as “flat”, disregarding that each of their members is active on a specific level of accountability associated with a specific universe of discourse. What team members are thinking and saying is thus not determined not only by their developmental size of person, but also by the size of their organizational role,...

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