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Manifesto against Taylorism

This manifesto decries the ‘terrible’ simplifications that tayloristic managment theories colonizing HR inflict upon the capabilities of human beings working in organizations. See for yourself how little of being human remains when you reduce human capabilities to mere competences and then ask contributors to add value for others than themselves. This manifesto consists of the...

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Grundlagen potenzial-orientierter Unternehmen: Einleitung in Dialektisches Denken in Organisationen

Attached to this blog, the reader will find a set of slides presented in a workshop held in Vienna, Austria, in February of 2019, for a company called Four Dimensions Consulting. It was the purpose of the workshop to introduce a German-speaking audience to the cognitive-developmental dimension of organizational work, especially team work. The workshop...

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International Leadership Review Interview with Robin Wood Slightly Edited by Otto Laske

In this wide-ranging interview, Robin W. helpfully challenges me to answer questions that arise regarding DTF, the Dialectical Thought Form Framework, and developmental consulting to indiviuals and teams based on a dialogical and constructivist viewpoint generally.  In rereading the interview, I have here and there slightly edited my answers to Robin’s question. In addition, I...

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Thinking Differently About Teams: A New Book by Jan De Visch & Otto Laske (June 2018)

For the longest time, teams have been managed, as well as researched, based exclusively on behaviorist tenets: the notion that by focusing on how team members “behave”, their collaboration can be made more effective, even ‘self authoring’, or whatever the latest fad dictated. For the same long time, managers have spoken rather than listened, and...

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Collaborative Intelligence in Teams: The View from CDF

Starting in 2014, coach education at IDM shifted to team coaching. In this blog, the reader finds materials that form the basis of my collaboration with Jan De Visch on the book “Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams” of 2018. One of the basic tenets of this book — that organizations comprise...

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Developmental Coaching: A Curtailed Discipline Squashed by Behaviorism

Developmental  coaching, announced as a breakthrough in the form of an evidence-based discipline in 2003, has had a sorry history ever since. Since this discipline never acknowledged the — empirically validated —  distinction between the social-emotional (Kegan 1982) and cognitive development of individuals  (Basseches 1984), its impact was reduced to half by its practitioners’ fixation...

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