From Logical Thinking to Practical Wisdom: Developing your Thinking

By Otto Laske & Bruno Frischherz – The topic of the Seminar is dialectical thinking, its function in the cognitive development of adults, the view of “reality” it implies, the benefits it bestows on your own thinking, and the lack cultural resources to acquire it earlier in life.
Together with Bruno Frischherz, Otto Laske discusses how dialectical thinking has been shown to develop and what are the tools it uses. We also discuss why learning it is beneficial for any professional, and what opportunities to acquire such thinking exist at the Interdevelopmental Institute.
To the extent that members of the Integrales Forum, Germany, sign on, the seminar is also an opportunity to air questions about the relationship between dialectical and integral thinking.

Date: March 15, 2013, 1 pm ET / 19h CET

Download: presentation

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