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Cognitive Fluidity – Its Etymology and Nuance

By Brendan Cartmel – The following article takes an important step, in my view, toward clarifying the relationship of Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework to discussions of “integral thinking” in the sense of Wilber and his students. The article points to the gaps in what is called “integral” thinking relative to DTF and further differentiates...

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From Logical Thinking to Practical Wisdom: Developing your Thinking

By Otto Laske & Bruno Frischherz – The topic of the Seminar is dialectical thinking, its function in the cognitive development of adults, the view of “reality” it implies, the benefits it bestows on your own thinking, and the lack cultural resources to acquire it earlier in life. Together with Bruno Frischherz, Otto Laske discusses...

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What can IDM offer the Integral movement?

This article explores how IDM’s teachings relate to “Integral” and specifically Wilber’s “AQAL” model. It further argues that an understanding of dialectical thinking as taught at IDM enables the learner to develop a critical perspective on Integral’s core doctrines.   What Can IDM Offer the Integral Movement

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