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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

A Guide to Listening in Meetings Based on DTF

In this 2nd “inspiration session” regarding the book “Practices of Dynamic Collaboration”, Jan De Visch and Otto Laske focus on what DTF, the Dialectical Thought Form Framework, can teach a person or group about enlarging and deepening their ‘internal workplace’ through thought-form based listening. Thought forms are shown to be more than simply conversation starters...

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A Conversation on Mentoring in Organizations Transitioning to a Less Hierarchical Culture

In this conversation with Paul Anwandter of INPACT, Santiago de Chile, in October 2018, we discuss the new landscape of mentoring that includes applying insights from research in adult development. We discuss the obstacles and failures but also the challenges of such mentoring in reference to a class on developmental coaching I teach at INPACT,...

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From Logical Thinking to Practical Wisdom: Developing your Thinking

By Otto Laske & Bruno Frischherz – The topic of the Seminar is dialectical thinking, its function in the cognitive development of adults, the view of “reality” it implies, the benefits it bestows on your own thinking, and the lack cultural resources to acquire it earlier in life. Together with Bruno Frischherz, Otto Laske discusses...

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