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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Upcoming introductory courses, February 23 and 26, 2015

Gradually, CDF is emerging as a potent business development tool, in contrast to a coaching or assessment tool. The new course starting February 26, 2015, will demonstrate  the impact of the CDF methodology on your daily organizational work, planning, decision making, and work in teams. You’ll begin to understand better the concept of “requisite organization”...

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Socio-Emotional Development

The essence of the socio-emotional dimension has to do with how adults differ in making meaning of their life and work experiences based on their opposing and intertwined needs of being autonomous and being included in a community of others. These two lifelong tendencies achieve a different balance at every developmental “stage”. Social-emotional differences between...

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Cognitive Development Toward Dialectic

The essence of the cognitive dimension of CDF has to do with how adults differ in making cognitive sense (rather than meaning) of their life and work experiences, thus with what they do and do not understand about the real world. These differences go far beyond “what is in the head” since how people construct...

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