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Developmental Coaching: A Curtailed Discipline Squashed by Behaviorism

Developmental  coaching, announced as a breakthrough in the form of an evidence-based discipline in 2003, has had a sorry history ever since. Since this discipline never acknowledged the — empirically validated —  distinction between the social-emotional (Kegan 1982) and cognitive development of individuals  (Basseches 1984), its impact was reduced to half by its practitioners’ fixation...

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Invitation pour les consultants et coach français de renouveller leur profession

Comment les consultants et coach francais peuvent-ils renouveller leur profession utilisant le CDF (Constructive Developmental Framework)? https://www.paypal.com/webapps/hermes?token=5MN6985866069092K&useraction=commit&mfid=1488977403882_1d069d5a8c123#/checkout/login C’est là la question qui se pose se livre sur la découverte du potential humain, allant plus loin que les abstractions des sciences sociales contemporaines. En recherchant de nouvelles clefs pour l’engagement de l’adulte dans le processus de...

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Executive Development as Adult Development

This article, chapter 9 of Demick et al’s Handbook of Adult Development (Springer 2002), tries to escape the tunnel vision of organizational theorists and consultants alike who, while glorifying leaders, cannot penetrate to the adult-developmental origins of leadership and get lost in psychological or spiritual speculations, or else lists of competences. Instead, the article adopts...

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Invitation for the workshop “Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence”

Dear IDM Friend, May I invite you to attend the International Workshop on Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence  in Mechelen (Belgium) from June 17th – June 19th . The way we work is changing. So is the nature of teamwork at all levels in the organization changing. The age of ‘command & control’ in...

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How Do You Teach Your Client to Think Developmentally?

The article is based on a dialog between a mentor and a behavioral coach who desires to learn to think developmentally. After an introduction on coaching focused on clients’ Frame of Reference, the four individual dialogs deal with the three aspects of human capability, the nature of developmental scores, the nature of behavioral “need-press” scores,...

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Introduction to Cognitive Growth: a possible journey from age 25-100

In this short video I give listeners some examples of differences in phase of cognitive development individuals are typically in. My goal is to sensitize listeners to asking “where am I myself presently as to the structure of my thinking, and how does this determine the world I am seeing as real?”

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