The Day After — From Connection Crisis to Collaborative Intelligence

Consultants who have absorbed the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) are used to developing a big picture view of society, addressing in their thinking issues of societal importance. One of these professionals is my colleague Jan De Visch who has worked with CDF for more than a decade. Jan’s focus has recently been what he chose to call ‘collaborative intelligence’ in organizations, a topic that for him is an managerial, epistemological, as well as ethical one.

As his co-author of a book on Practices of Dynamic Collaboration (that appears at the end of May 2020 at Springer), I am gratified to post his recent thoughts about what the current health crisis could trigger when viewed in positive, transformational terms. Choosing the example of a Belgian company having to shut down its operations, Jan reflects on the changes that he witnessed  in how employees re-assessed the work they do, and on the new capabilities people showed in the pursuit of doing what they decided was an ethical imperative.

The new book is a sequel to our 2018 book entitled Dynamic Collaboration which can be found at, together with a ‘Playbook’ which is a compilation of its main insights.

The day after – JDV 4-2020