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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Manifesto against Taylorism

This manifesto decries the ‘terrible’ simplifications that tayloristic managment theories colonizing HR inflict upon the capabilities of human beings working in organizations. See for yourself how little of being human remains when you reduce human capabilities to mere competences and then ask contributors to add value for others than themselves. This manifesto consists of the...

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The Day After — From Connection Crisis to Collaborative Intelligence

Consultants who have absorbed the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) are used to developing a big picture view of society, addressing in their thinking issues of societal importance. One of these professionals is my colleague Jan De Visch who has worked with CDF for more than a decade. Jan’s focus has recently been what he chose...

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New Book by Jan De Visch and Otto Laske: Practices of Dynamic Collaboration

In this new book to be published by Springer in the Spring of 2020, the authors deepen insights shared in ‘Dynamic Collaboration’ (2018) focusing on the adult-developmental foundations of 5 crucial organizational practices. A brief outline of the structure and content of the new book is posted below, together with pertinent contact information. The central...

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How to teach managers to think: A testimony

In this article, Jan De Visch reviews experiences he has made as a Critical Facilitator when working with teams in organizations (see his work at www.connecttransform.be). Jan’s gift of deep thinking makes him a very good listener who can intervene in team conversations because he “hears” and “understands” their thought form structure in the sense...

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An Interview with Otto Laske by Robin Wood, Integral Leadership Review, May 2018

In this interview published in the Integral Leadership Review (May 2018), Otto Laske answers questions posed by Robin Wood regarding his social-science work. Special emphasis lies on Otto’s book recently co-authored with Jan De Visch entitled “Dynamic Collaboration” (2018). The wide-ranging interview touches upon many issues of present day culture fostered by logical control schemes...

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