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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Applying Bhaskar’s Four Moments of Dialectic to Reshaping Cognitive Development as a Social Practice using Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework (DTF)

In this chapter for volume 2 of Meta-Theory dedicated to the memory of Bhaskar, delayed in its publication since 2014 and forthcoming at Routledge at the end of 2020,  I outline a dialectical epistemology and CDF teaching method for absorbing Bhaskar’s legacy into integral thinking. I do so since both are presently absent from the...

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Manifesto against Taylorism

This manifesto decries the ‘terrible’ simplifications that tayloristic managment theories colonizing HR inflict upon the capabilities of human beings working in organizations. See for yourself how little of being human remains when you reduce human capabilities to mere competences and then ask contributors to add value for others than themselves. This manifesto consists of the...

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On some crucial issues in adult-developmental theory

In this essay, i make the case that a new theory of adult development is needed that is no longer a one-sidedly ‘left-hemisphere’ enterprise. By this annotation I refer to the bi-hemispheric structure of the human mind. Specifically, in this essay I assert that a theory of adult development fails for 2 main reasons: (1)...

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Developmental Process Consultation in the Age of Agility: Reflections on the Critical Facilitation of Agile Functioning in Organizations

One sunny day, the term ‘agility’ woke up and realized it had become a virus. It no longer knew whether it meant a human capability, an organizational characteristic, or both, and what to make of them …  It also wondered how to combat the pandemic its human carriers had unleashed. What kind of helpers would...

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