Re-Print of the German Translation of Volume 1 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’

Volume 1 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’, on social-emotional development, first appeared in 2005 under the ‘IDM Press’ imprint. Its German translation was recently re-issued by Wolfgang Pabst Science Publisher, Germany, under the title of ‘Humanpotenziale wecken, erkennen, und messen’. The translation into German is by Rainer v. Leoprechting who was one of the first to work¬† with the book in 2006 at the European Union.

The reprint of the English original of the book is forthcoming from the same publisher. The French, Spanish, and Japanese translations of the work are still awaiting publication. See the publisher’s announcement below, as well as a two German book reviews by Michael Habecker (written in 2012). Habecker illuminates the character of CDF by saying that it is “not a mere theory but a framework for becoming a developmental thinker and practitioner”, — a most apt characterization of my work.

Neuerscheinung bei Wolfgang Pabst Science Publisher

Habecker MHD Bd. 1 Rezension

Habecker, Jenseits aktiven Zuhoerens

Habecker ueberarbeitet OL

Author: Otto Laske

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