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On the Difficulty of Letting Thinking ‘Appear’

In this blog, I draw conclusions from two previous blogs, found at and , both focused on teaching and learning dialectical thinking. I show that teaching dialectical thinking needs to address, and draw practical conclusions from, the distinction between ‘thinking’ and ‘cognition’, seen as counter-movements between the four moments of dialectic, CPRT, in the sense...

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Making a Cognitive Case Study Following the IDM Cohort Method

There is, at the present time, an enormous lack of complex thinkers in the world, especially thinkers who are also doers and have the power to address the predicaments we are presently in as a species. So the idea that it is worthwhile to acquire complex holistic thinking abilities is a natural one for anybody...

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A Conversation on Mentoring in Organizations Transitioning to a Less Hierarchical Culture

In this conversation with Paul Anwandter of INPACT, Santiago de Chile, in October 2018, we discuss the new landscape of mentoring that includes applying insights from research in adult development. We discuss the obstacles and failures but also the challenges of such mentoring in reference to a class on developmental coaching I teach at INPACT,...

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Is there a Bridge Between Social-Emotional and Cognitive Capability?

In this blog, I  point to the de-totalization of human consciousness that is presently  state of the art in research in adult development. This de-totalization occurs on account of the absence of research on the way in which the social-emotional capability, shed light on by Loevinger and Kegan, intrinsically relates to the cognitive capability researched...

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Critical Facilitation: Developing Complex Thinking Through De Visch’s ‘Re-Thinking Game’

My colleague and friend Jan De Visch has recently made enormous strides toward a ‘dialogically savvy app’, — an app that triggers deep and critical thinking in order to foster dynamic collaboration. The app is accompanied by the Re-Thinking Game, an implementation of DTF, the Dialectical Thought Form Framework. DTF is an ideal framework for...

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Frankfurt School Hauptseminar Teachings From the Perspective of Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework (DTF)

The Frankfurt School is well known, liked or not liked, due to its pervasive influence in the domain of culture critique. As on account of increasing threats to democracy its legacy is once more coming to the fore, there is a strong tendency to focus on the products and results of the school’s activity while...

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