A New Paradigm of Team Work: Engaging the Power of Dialog

In this article forthcoming in the Integral Leadership Review in May, 2018, Jan De Visch and Otto Laske give examples of the benefits of focusing on complex dialogical thinking in leading and coaching teams, regardless of the specific topic a team is addressing. Their developmentally informed strategy of team intervention is based on insights deriving from working with DTF, Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework (2008). DTF sheds light on, as well as delivers cutting-edge tools for, turning around team collaboration in the direction of an upward spiral. The article is a review of the authors’ book entitled “Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams”. The book is the first to fully incorporate findings about adult development over the life span into the literature on teams, and in this sense pioneering.

Review of “Dynamic Collaboration: Strengthening Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams” (De Visch & Laske 2018)

For an introduction to the book click on Introduction-to-Dynamic-Collaboration.

The book can be ordered at https://connecttransform.be/dynamic-collaboration/


For a summary of the most important topics and insights of the book see below:

Perspex Scenes Template (copy) on Biteable.

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