New Book by Jan De Visch and Otto Laske: Practices of Dynamic Collaboration

In this new book to be published by Springer in the Spring of 2020, the authors deepen insights shared in ‘Dynamic Collaboration’ (2018) focusing on the adult-developmental foundations of 5 crucial organizational practices. A brief outline of the structure and content of the new book is posted below, together with pertinent contact information.

The central topic of the book is how by strengthening the quality of team dialogue at three different developmental levels — continuous improvement, value stream management, and business model transformation — companies can increase their agility and integrate artificial intelligence methods into their functioning. In the concluding chapter, the hypothesis is advanced that to become ‘humane’, organizations need to be ‘deliberately developmental’ throughout to begin with. This entails that they need to resolve the Taylorism-inspired worker/IT dichotomy they have been living with and acting up since 1900.

The book is in 7 chapters, each of them outlined in its content below.

Parties interested in the book may contact the authors as indicated in the pdf below.

High-level summary of Springer ‘Practices’ rev3 OL

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