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Advanced Systems-Level Dialectical Problem-Solving: The next level in system analysis for Think Tanks, Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Corporate Prediction, and Long-term Planning

  Those interested in dialectical thinking will be pleased to know that Otto Laske’s volume 2 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’  of 2008 has been thoroughly revised and is in the process of becoming available again in the form of a three-part monograph under the title of this blog. The title does justice to the fact...

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New Book by Jan De Visch and Otto Laske: Practices of Dynamic Collaboration

In this new book to be published by Springer in the Spring of 2020, the authors deepen insights shared in ‘Dynamic Collaboration’ (2018) focusing on the adult-developmental foundations of 5 crucial organizational practices. A brief outline of the structure and content of the new book is posted below, together with pertinent contact information. The central...

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Fuehrungsvorteile aufgrund der Benutzung von CDF, des Constructive Developmental Framework

Obwohl das Programm des diesjaehrigen Wiener Leadership Kongresses () keine Einfuehrung in CDF — das Constructive Developmental Framework –umfasst, werden viele Kongressteilnehmer die sich aus der Benutzung von CDF ergebenden Fuehrungsvorteile wahrscheinlich kennenlernen wollen. CDF ist eine von Otto Laske erstellte Synthese von Forschungsbefunden der Harvardschule hinsichtlich Erwachsenenentwicklung seit 1975, die Dimensionen des kritischen Denkens...

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Workshop ueber Developmental Interviewing und seine Anwendung in Potenzial-Orientierten Organisationen

Dieser Workshop der Firma Four Dimensions, Wien und Salzburg (), offeriert Personalverantwortlichen, Personalentwicklern, Beratern und Coachs eine Einfuehrung in Methoden fuer die Bestimmung des emotionalen und kognitiven Reifegrades von Individuen und Teams. Diese Methoden leiten sich aus Otto Laske’s Arbeiten am Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM), Gloucester, MA. her. Instruktoren sind Simone Rack, Rainer v. Leoprechting, und...

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Human work capability and complex thinking: Introducing the second, improved edition of MHD2 (2008)

In a time of increasing digitization of human resources and their management it is urgent to explain the limits of replacing human intelligence by algorithmic intelligence, or molding the use of human intelligence by algorithms. What is required is not only a deeper understanding of the human capability for work delivery, but the intrinsic limits...

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