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Russian research on dialectical thinking in children — Developing self-authored thinking

In the dialectic-starved West we tend to blindly follow formal logical thinking to the bitter end (e.g., global warming). However, there are alternatives, especially when one becomes informed by the work of Vygotsky, Piaget, Adorno, and Bhaskar, and the empirical work of Basseches and Laske. In the article here posted psychologist Veraksa et al. report...

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DTF as a Tool for Creating Integral Collaborations

Solving real world problems tests professionals’ present level of cognitive development. A good training ground for working on hard problems in teams is the Case Study Cohort Method (CSCM) developed at the Interdevelopmental Institute. The method consists of a having members of a team assessing an individual’s or team’s level of cognitive maturity debate the...

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CDF as a Talent Finder and Work Design Methodology

In this article, I highlight the resources of the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) for finding and retaining organizational talent and designing a work environment that supports shared leadership. CDF as a Talent Finder and Work Design Methodology

Foundations of Scholarly Consulting: The Developmental Structure/Process Tool

This article of 2000 deepens Argyris’ notion of theory-in-use by recourse to empirical findings of the developmental sciences. It defines “consulting” based on this deeper notion. The article teaches a lesson still not learned in consulting: that theory-in-use has to do with levels of mental growth, both cognitively and social-emotionally, cutting through all “competence models”....

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