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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

What is the Constructive Developmental Framework?

Otto Laske gives you an overview of the Constructive Developmental Framework CDF and offers a few examples of how it can be used for self-awareness and personal growth. The emphasis in the video is that when we speak and relate to others, we are already embedded in a “frame of reference”, and that this frame...

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How to develop collaborative intelligence?

One of the new IDM initiatives is a ‘Rewiring Team Dynamics’ workshop which will be organized as a three day seminar in April 2015, near Brussels/Belgium. The key question is: How can we create groups that can learn from mistakes faster, more efficiently, and more consistently than competitors do?’ The background of this question is...

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Introduction to the three CDF Dimensions (Self-Study)

This course introduces students to a widely acclaimed, holistic perspective on both individuals and teams. It is an overview course focused the three perspectives in which CDF-users view clients: the social-emotional, cognitive, and psychological one. Insight into these dimensions stems from decades of validated research since the 1970s but has not been widely taught in...

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Introduction to Developmental Work with Teams

This course introduces team leaders and team coaches to fundamentally new ways of understanding the nature and behavior of teams, with the goal of re-shaping team dynamics. In the course, two main processes are distinguished: interpersonal and task process. Their balance is thought to define team maturity. The purpose of the course is twofold: to...

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