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Advanced Systems-Level Dialectical Problem-Solving: The next level in system analysis for Think Tanks, Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Corporate Prediction, and Long-term Planning

  Those interested in dialectical thinking will be pleased to know that Otto Laske’s volume 2 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’  of 2008 has been thoroughly revised and is in the process of becoming available again in the form of a three-part monograph under the title of this blog. The title does justice to the fact...

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How to teach managers to think: A testimony

In this article, Jan De Visch reviews experiences he has made as a Critical Facilitator when working with teams in organizations (see his work at www.connecttransform.be). Jan’s gift of deep thinking makes him a very good listener who can intervene in team conversations because he “hears” and “understands” their thought form structure in the sense...

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The Future of CDF Is Bright: What the Early Adopters Saw

This blog makes accessible, and comments on, a 2010 publication of the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) on the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) that is still largely unknown in Europe and the US. The publication is in the form of an issue of Wirtschaftspsychologie, a Swiss-German magazine focused on the psychology of work delivery, and referred to...

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CDF auf Deutsch: Sozialwissenschaftliche Texte zur Lebensbefreiung und Erhoehung der Arbeitsproduktivitaet

In diesem Blog stelle ich die wichtigsten der von mir seit 2004 deutsch geschriebenen sozialwissenschaftlichen Texte und Lernmaterialien zusammen. Sie betreffen thematisch, was ich Lebensbefreiung nenne, in dem Sinne, dass sie es dem Leser ermoeglichen, sein oder ihr eigenes Leben entwicklungsmaessig in tieferer Weise als bloss psychologisch zu verstehen, naemlich auf ‘epistemische’ Weise, die die...

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Zur Durchdringung organisatorischer Beratung mit Einsichten aus CDF

In diesem Artikel fuehre ich im Einzelnen die Geschichte und die Eigenart des Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) aus. Ich moechte zeigen wie insbesondere ein soziologischer Beratungsansatz wie New Deal  (Gucher 2015), aber auch aehnliche Beratungsvorgehen, durch Einsicht in die lebenslange Entwicklung von Menschen vertieft und im Dialog mit Kunden flexibel werden koennen. Der Nachdruck im...

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A Developmental Systems-Constellation Workshop for Advancing Shared Leadership in Holacratic Environments

Shared or distributed leadership in holacratic environments is often more of a hope or an advertisement than a reality. This is so because leadership is an adult-developmental issue that behavioral training methods are not equipped to handle. However, tools originating in adult-developmental research (since 1975) are still unknown or else eschewed in behaviorally thinking companies,...

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