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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Effective Team Coaching: Juggling Personalities and Roles

Teams are usually viewed as “flat”, disregarding that each of their members is active on a specific level of accountability associated with a specific universe of discourse. What team members are thinking and saying is thus not determined not only by their developmental size of person, but also by the size of their organizational role,...

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How to cope with cognitive differences in circles (teams)?

This video addresses crucial issues in how to re-organize work so that individuals can deliver work in flexible role systems based on their talent. The notion put forward is that to create organizations following the model of lean and mean start ups will not do away with but will increase the requirement of deep, dialectical...

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How to become a Learning Organisation as a large Corporate

In this short video, I present a short introduction to CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework, to show how its use enables large companies under siege coming from very small and nimble companies to fend off competition. I focus on CDF developed at the Interdevelopmental Institute,  as a tool for strengthening talent management and promoting better...

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What is the Constructive Developmental Framework?

Otto Laske gives you an overview of the Constructive Developmental Framework CDF and offers a few examples of how it can be used for self-awareness and personal growth. The emphasis in the video is that when we speak and relate to others, we are already embedded in a “frame of reference”, and that this frame...

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