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Laske’s ‘Transformative Effects of Coaching on Executives’ Professional Agendas’ (1999)

This blog contains a downloadable copy of Laske’s Psy.D. dissertation of 1999 (2 volumes). The thesis was submitted to William James College, Newton, MA. Readers were Robert Kegan, Ph.D., of Harvard Graduate School of Education; Samual Moncata, Ph.D., of William James College, Newton, MA. (then called ‘MA School of Professional Psychology’); and Tim Hall, Ph.D,...

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Einladung an deutsche Berater und Coach ihre berufliche Praxis höherzuschrauben

Warum nicht mit alten Vorurteilen brechen die aus der positivistischen Tradition stammen und alle im Flachland landen? Dazu ist im Zeitalter des distributed leadership mehr Anlass als je. Die alten Kompetenzschablonen sind tot, und nun wie weiter? Vielleicht hülfe es, sich zu erinnern dass Menschen sich ihr ganzes Leben lang entwickeln? Das würde auf die...

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Effective Team Coaching: Juggling Personalities and Roles

Teams are usually viewed as “flat”, disregarding that each of their members is active on a specific level of accountability associated with a specific universe of discourse. What team members are thinking and saying is thus not determined not only by their developmental size of person, but also by the size of their organizational role,...

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Invitation for the workshop “Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence”

Dear IDM Friend, May I invite you to attend the International Workshop on Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence  in Mechelen (Belgium) from June 17th – June 19th . The way we work is changing. So is the nature of teamwork at all levels in the organization changing. The age of ‘command & control’ in...

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Introduction to Cognitive Growth: a possible journey from age 25-100

In this short video I give listeners some examples of differences in phase of cognitive development individuals are typically in. My goal is to sensitize listeners to asking “where am I myself presently as to the structure of my thinking, and how does this determine the world I am seeing as real?”

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