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Work at the Interdevelopmental Institute is evidence-based throughout, deriving from adult-developmental research since 1975. Specifically, we practice informed by the synthesis of developmental insights accomplished in Otto Laske’s Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF). To increase our work’s critical realism, since 2020 we have embedded it in R. Bhaskar’s and M. Archer’s Social Ontology, thereby interpreting CDF...

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CDF: The Latest Reworking of the Adult Developmental Literature of the Harvard Kohlberg School

As time elapses, research findings get updated, consolidated, and what was originally left out or stayed unseen is clarified. An example of this historical process is CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework created by Otto Laske between 1999 and 2000. 25 years after Kohlberg School research began, CDF brought together what this research separated or left...

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