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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Merging Behavioral and Developmental Practices: An Integral Framework for Deep Listening and Thinking

In this paper, the authors (Otto Laske, Alessandro Rossi) lay out a practical approach to integral counseling (part A) and consulting to teams (part B), based on the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF). The main topic is how to combine interventions for strengthening developmental level and cognitive fluidity, seen as intrinsically related as well as mingled...

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Dialectical Thinking as a Culture Transformation Instrument for Organizations.

In this new book (to appear in 2016), addressed to CEO’s, board members, and members of executive teams, Otto Laske takes an in-depth look at his Constructive Developmental Framework as a culture transformation instrument. The book focuses on organizational discourse culture as the lever by which fundamental changes come about when engaging with new forms...

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