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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Introduction to the three CDF Dimensions (Self-Study)

This course introduces students to a widely acclaimed, holistic perspective on both individuals and teams. It is an overview course focused the three perspectives in which CDF-users view clients: the social-emotional, cognitive, and psychological one. Insight into these dimensions stems from decades of validated research since the 1970s but has not been widely taught in...

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Socio-Emotional Development

The essence of the socio-emotional dimension has to do with how adults differ in making meaning of their life and work experiences based on their opposing and intertwined needs of being autonomous and being included in a community of others. These two lifelong tendencies achieve a different balance at every developmental “stage”. Social-emotional differences between...

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Case Study I (a): Practicum in Social-Emotional Thinking and Listening

This course is focused on a single-client case study. It leads participants from merely talking about levels of meaning making to interactively determining them through semi-structured interview with a chosen client, and to documenting the client’s present meaning making based on 15 structurally relevant interview fragments. The program offers students the opportunity to show themselves...

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Case Study II: CDF Dimensions in their Interrelationship within a Client’s Unitary Consciousness

This program serves the sole purpose of deepening practical know-how of CDF by bringing together all of its three dimensions. Consequently, it presupposes both a social-emotional and cognitive case study as well as the ability to evaluate and give feedback on the outcome of the Need/Press Questionnaire. The program offers students the opportunity to show...

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Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) – Ungekürzter Wikipedia-Artikel

Von Bruno Frischherz – Das Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) ist eine psychologische Entwicklungstheorie und das entsprechende Assessmentinstrument, das auf empirischer Forschung beruht. Der CDF-Methodologie liegt die Annahme zugrunde, dass jedes Individuum sich aktiv eine eigene “Welt” konstruiert, die von anderen Weltmodellen verschieden und lebenslang im Entstehen ist. Die CDF-Methodologie umfasst drei Assessmentinstrumente, je eines für...

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