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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

What Coaches Should Know About Their Clients

This text highlights the main benefits of integrating research in adult development into executive coaching practice. Reading the text from a coaching point of view will be a first step to the practice of developmental coaching, with a focus on working withhigher level executives. The text refers to  CDF, the Constructive Development Framework. Introduction to...

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Invitation for the workshop “Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence”

Dear IDM Friend, May I invite you to attend the International Workshop on Rewiring Team Dynamics: Building Collective Intelligence  in Mechelen (Belgium) from June 17th – June 19th . The way we work is changing. So is the nature of teamwork at all levels in the organization changing. The age of ‘command & control’ in...

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How to become a Learning Organisation as a large Corporate

In this short video, I present a short introduction to CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework, to show how its use enables large companies under siege coming from very small and nimble companies to fend off competition. I focus on CDF developed at the Interdevelopmental Institute,  as a tool for strengthening talent management and promoting better...

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Dialectical thinking and comparative text analysis

By Karin Ulmer & Bruno Frischherz – Analyzing texts other than interview transcripts based on the DTF Framework taught at IDM is a new application of CDF. Our paper presents an example of dialectical text analysis with a focus on i) the analytical framework and CDF methodology and, as analysis content, ii) key concepts of...

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