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Cognitive Coaching as a Tool for Building Enabling Environments in Distributed-Leadership Organizations: An Introduction to the Dialectical Thought Form Framework (DTF)

In the set of slides attached to this blog, the reader finds my presentation on cognitive coaching of January 2019, presented to a London consulting firm, MDV. The purpose of my workshop was to teach consultants a new form of developmental assessment and, based on it, of developmental thinking that is increasingly in demand in...

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Exploring Movements-in-Thought: The Experiential and Historical Roots of Qualitative Data Acquisition in the Constructive Developmental Framework.

The blog reviews the personal, experiential and historical, roots of the Constructive Developmental Framework as a tool for systematically exploring movements-in-thought through empirical data capture in real time. Its main purpose is to highlight the need for establishing a systematic training sequence geared to educating critical facilitators working in organizations and institutions, for the sake...

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Laske’s ‘Transformative Effects of Coaching on Executives’ Professional Agendas’ (1999)

This blog contains a downloadable copy of Laske’s Psy.D. dissertation of 1999 (2 volumes). The thesis was submitted to William James College, Newton, MA. Readers were Robert Kegan, Ph.D., of Harvard Graduate School of Education; Samual Moncata, Ph.D., of William James College, Newton, MA. (then called ‘MA School of Professional Psychology’); and Tim Hall, Ph.D,...

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How to teach managers to think: A testimony

In this article, Jan De Visch reviews experiences he has made as a Critical Facilitator when working with teams in organizations (see his work at www.connecttransform.be). Jan’s gift of deep thinking makes him a very good listener who can intervene in team conversations because he “hears” and “understands” their thought form structure in the sense...

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On the Difficulty of Letting Thinking ‘Appear’

In this blog, I draw conclusions from two previous blogs, found at and , both focused on teaching and learning dialectical thinking. I show that teaching dialectical thinking needs to address, and draw practical conclusions from, the distinction between ‘thinking’ and ‘cognition’, seen as counter-movements between the four moments of dialectic, CPRT, in the sense...

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A Conversation on Mentoring in Organizations Transitioning to a Less Hierarchical Culture

In this conversation with Paul Anwandter of INPACT, Santiago de Chile, in October 2018, we discuss the new landscape of mentoring that includes applying insights from research in adult development. We discuss the obstacles and failures but also the challenges of such mentoring in reference to a class on developmental coaching I teach at INPACT,...

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