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Advanced Systems-Level Dialectical Problem-Solving: The next level in system analysis for Think Tanks, Intelligence Agencies, Governments, Corporate Prediction, and Long-term Planning

  Those interested in dialectical thinking will be pleased to know that Otto Laske’s volume 2 of ‘Measuring Hidden Dimensions’  of 2008 has been thoroughly revised and is in the process of becoming available again in the form of a three-part monograph under the title of this blog. The title does justice to the fact...

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CDF: A Social Science Framework for Understanding Human Agency

In a presentation to the Center of Applied Dialectics of December 2021, made available in this blog, I share my recent thoughts about CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework, as an integral component of social ontology, established by R. Bhaskar and M. Archer since 1975. Rather than following conventional notions of “developmental theory” as a stand-alone...

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Zur Durchdringung organisatorischer Beratung mit Einsichten aus CDF

In diesem Artikel fuehre ich im Einzelnen die Geschichte und die Eigenart des Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) aus. Ich moechte zeigen wie insbesondere ein soziologischer Beratungsansatz wie New Deal  (Gucher 2015), aber auch aehnliche Beratungsvorgehen, durch Einsicht in die lebenslange Entwicklung von Menschen vertieft und im Dialog mit Kunden flexibel werden koennen. Der Nachdruck im...

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John Stewart Reviews Otto Laske’s Work on Dialectical Thinking

Reviews of my work on dialectical thinking since 1999 are far and few between and have been long in coming. This delay has to do with the fact that my work on this topic responds directly to Bateson’s perceptive view that “the major problems in the world (today) are the result of the difference between...

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Human Developmental Processes as Key to Creating Impactful Leadership

Copyright 2016 by Graham Boyd & Otto Laske In this article, the authors put forth a new approach to distributed leadership based on research in adult development and the pedagogical thought of Vygotsky, originator of the notion of zones of proximal development. The article attempts to re-totalize the issues neglected, or fragmented, by theories of...

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From AQAL to AQAT: Dialogue in an Integral Perspective

From AQAL to AQAT: Dialog in an Integral Perspective In this paper, presented at the 2014 Integral European Conference, Budapest, Prof. Bruno Frischherz compares with great clarity the methodological tools offered by Wilber’s Integral Theory to those offered by Laske’s CDF.  The author shows that AQAL in its present form — focusing only on I,...

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