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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

A New Paradigm of Team Work: Engaging the Power of Dialog

In this article forthcoming in the Integral Leadership Review in May, 2018, Jan De Visch and Otto Laske give examples of the benefits of focusing on complex dialogical thinking in leading and coaching teams, regardless of the specific topic a team is addressing. Their developmentally informed strategy of team intervention is based on insights deriving...

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Approfondire la conoscenza di sé e del cliente

The first workshop on CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework, was held in Rome in 2011, carried out in collaboration with the Italian Society for Coaching Psychology (Ida Sirolli organizer). In the texts below, Italian readers find teaching materials and commentary for learning CDF. Translations are by Marco Di Monte and Dr. Alessandro Rossi, both students...

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CDF Described in Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German

in the four entries below, the reader finds four Wikipedia descriptions of CDF, the Constructive Developmental Framework, in Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German, respectively.The English version of the Wikipedia article on CDF is found at: The original Wikipedia text, written in German, is  owed to Prof. Bruno Frischherz, Hochschule fuer Wirtschaft, Luzern, Switzerland. Nick Shannon,...

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On the Practice of Cognitive Interviewing, Cognitive Coaching, and Text Analysis

Cognitive interviewing is an art as well as science nowhere taught or practiced today. It is a kind of evidence-based interviewing that is anchored in dialectical listening. In focus in such listening are the thought forms a person uses as soon as s(he) opens her mouth, which are thus inescapable. Only a listener/thinker schooled in...

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John Stewart Reviews Otto Laske’s Work on Dialectical Thinking

Reviews of my work on dialectical thinking since 1999 are far and few between and have been long in coming. This delay has to do with the fact that my work on this topic responds directly to Bateson’s perceptive view that “the major problems in the world (today) are the result of the difference between...

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Human Developmental Processes as Key to Creating Impactful Leadership

Copyright 2016 by Graham Boyd & Otto Laske In this article, the authors put forth a new approach to distributed leadership based on research in adult development and the pedagogical thought of Vygotsky, originator of the notion of zones of proximal development. The article attempts to re-totalize the issues neglected, or fragmented, by theories of...

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