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Creating Collaborative Intelligence

Increasing the collaborative intelligence of teams by using deep dialogue practices

Team collaboration has become a pivot of organizational success. If people had an intuitive awareness of the structure of their thinking, team work would be a lot more effective since a greater mutual understanding and decision making would prevail. Such an awareness being absent, what meta-cognitive strategies can we use to heighten such an awareness?...

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Three Founding Documents of IDM, The Interdevelopmental Institute

This year, the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) turns 20. Conceived of as a virtual teaching, consulting, and coaching institute, it has outlasted 2 decades of neglect of the cognitive dimension of life as well as work, today the focus of ‘cognitive coaching’ and/or ‘critical facilitation’. Over 20 years, the institute has educated close to 100 individuals...

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Balancing Dialogue and Text Analysis in Teaching Dialectical Thinking

In this blog, I problematize the question of how to teach dialectical thinking effectively in a world experienced as ‘VUCA’. Specifically, I summarize my experience with teaching DTF at the Interdevelopmental Institute, with a focus on educating Critical Facilitators. Thought Form Theories def

Thought Form Constellations as Measures of Team Connectivity

In this article, the author proposes structural, rather than behavioral or emotional, measures of team connectivity and introduces the notion of “cognitive” or “structural” systems constellations. These measures are derived from DTF, his Dialectical Thought Framework, a methodology rooted in cognitive developmental research since 1975. In contrast to the contemporary team literature, and in a...

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A Developmental Systems-Constellation Workshop for Advancing Shared Leadership in Holacratic Environments

Shared or distributed leadership in holacratic environments is often more of a hope or an advertisement than a reality. This is so because leadership is an adult-developmental issue that behavioral training methods are not equipped to handle. However, tools originating in adult-developmental research (since 1975) are still unknown or else eschewed in behaviorally thinking companies,...

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A New Era Begins at the Interdevelopmental Institute, Gloucester, MA, USA (IDM)

As the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM) enters a new era, it wants to communicate what it has learned and what, based on its learning over nearly 20 years, it can now deliver to CEOs and Boards. Find out how the Institute’s main methodology, called Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF), addresses contemporary issues such as the digital transformation...

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