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Fuehrungsvorteile aufgrund der Benutzung von CDF, des Constructive Developmental Framework

Obwohl das Programm des diesjaehrigen Wiener Leadership Kongresses () keine Einfuehrung in CDF — das Constructive Developmental Framework –umfasst, werden viele Kongressteilnehmer die sich aus der Benutzung von CDF ergebenden Fuehrungsvorteile wahrscheinlich kennenlernen wollen. CDF ist eine von Otto Laske erstellte Synthese von Forschungsbefunden der Harvardschule hinsichtlich Erwachsenenentwicklung seit 1975, die Dimensionen des kritischen Denkens...

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A Meeting of Minds Workshop on the Future of Work

The future of work is not a topic for logical thinking as much as it is one for revamping logical into complex, ‘dialectical’, thinking. The difference between the two is explained and exercised in a workshop in Brussels whose program can be downloaded here. If interested in this workshop, held on January 18, 2019, near...

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Early Warnings that Competence Models Would Not Sustain Survival or Innovation

In these two articles of 2002/03, I warned that competence models provide a view of human resources that is too limited to make possible organizational survival, not to speak of innovation, in the digital economy. The two articles below remind us how long it took for this message to sink in. In coaching and mentoring,...

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How Teams Works: A Straightforward Developmental Hypothesis

Much is made of teams these days, and rightfully so: they are the backbone of putting in place distributed leadership in organizations. New research offers a very straightforward hypothesis consisting of 3 parts: teams comprise different developmental levels, thus are “developmentally mixed” teams ‘think’: their work is based on analyzable and coachable movements-in-thought teams follow...

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A New Paradigm of Team Work: Engaging the Power of Dialog

In this article forthcoming in the Integral Leadership Review in May, 2018, Jan De Visch and Otto Laske give examples of the benefits of focusing on complex dialogical thinking in leading and coaching teams, regardless of the specific topic a team is addressing. Their developmentally informed strategy of team intervention is based on insights deriving...

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Thinking Differently About Teams: A New Book by Jan De Visch & Otto Laske (June 2018)

For the longest time, teams have been managed, as well as researched, based exclusively on behaviorist tenets: the notion that by focusing on how team members “behave”, their collaboration can be made more effective, even ‘self authoring’, or whatever the latest fad dictated. For the same long time, managers have spoken rather than listened, and...

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