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CDF auf Deutsch: Sozialwissenschaftliche Texte zur Lebensbefreiung und Erhoehung der Arbeitsproduktivitaet

In diesem Blog stelle ich die wichtigsten der von mir seit 2004 deutsch geschriebenen sozialwissenschaftlichen Texte und Lernmaterialien zusammen. Sie betreffen thematisch, was ich Lebensbefreiung nenne, in dem Sinne, dass sie es dem Leser ermoeglichen, sein oder ihr eigenes Leben entwicklungsmaessig in tieferer Weise als bloss psychologisch zu verstehen, naemlich auf ‘epistemische’ Weise, die die...

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Introduction to “Dynamic Collaboration: How to Strengthen Self-Organization and Collaborative Intelligence in Teams” (Jan De Visch & Otto Laske 2018)

This blog gives readers access to the Introduction to Jan DeVisch’s and my book entitled Dynamic Collaboration: How to strengthen self organization and collaborative intelligence in teams, to be launched in May 2018 at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In this book of five chapters, we deviate from the extant team literature by adopting an...

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NEW DEAL: A sociological consulting approach to humanistic management and deliberately developmental organization

This blog introduces a sociological approach to consulting to organizations, with a focus on social capital (Sozialkapital) as the indispensable foundation of value creation and social productivity. The approach, called New Deal, formulated in German (Gucher et al, 2015), is the fruit of new social science research, and is sponsored by Four Dimensions GmbH active...

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Transforming the ‘Human Resources’ Function into the Core of Humanistic Management: Potentials, Requirements and Obstacles

The topic of this abstract for a lengthy article is presently absent from the literature of ‘humanistic management’ (M. Minghetti 2014), namely, the  limitations of human collaborative intelligence that naturally arise from the vicissitudes of adult development over the lifespan. (For example, at level 2 of meaning making (Kegan 1982), especially when accompanied by undeveloped...

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New Dialog Methods for Broad-Spectrum Systems Constellations: Comments on the Milano Workshop on Intelligenza Collaborativa Nel Team

As shown at and, on this website, at , a workshop on new dialog methods specifically for creating collaborative intelligence in teams will take place in Milano, Italy, on January 30-31,2018.  The workshop is offered by Consulenza Evolutiva, Milano and its Altroove School, and staffed by Lorenzo Campese, Alessandro Rossi, and Otto Laske. The workshop...

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A Developmental Systems-Constellation Workshop for Advancing Shared Leadership in Holacratic Environments

Shared or distributed leadership in holacratic environments is often more of a hope or an advertisement than a reality. This is so because leadership is an adult-developmental issue that behavioral training methods are not equipped to handle. However, tools originating in adult-developmental research (since 1975) are still unknown or else eschewed in behaviorally thinking companies,...

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